Corporate Services

If your business is exposed to fluctuations in foreign exchange markets and risk associated with rate volatility, IFX will work with you to optimise your position, minimise risk and reduce costs.

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Market information

We will act as your eyes and ears in the markets, monitoring currencies and keeping you advised of upcoming economic events or trends that may impact exchange rates that matter to your business.

Dedicated service

Your dedicated IFX consultant will take the time to develop a thorough understanding of the specific needs and priorities of your business, and will work with you to optimise your position.

Optimised rates

IFX is committed to helping clients minimise the costs of their transactions by providing better quality information and wholesale exchange rates, not typically available through traditional channels.

Contract Options

Spot Contract

Spot Contract

If you have funds available and wish to exchange all or part of them immediately you can enter into a Spot Contract. We will secure the best rate available at time of instruction and your currency will be available for transfer to any account worldwide the moment IFX has received your cleared funds.

Forward Contract

Forward Contract

With overseas transactions involving a payment in the future, or a series of payments over time, a Forward Contract will protect you from adverse market movements during the period of the transaction. You can fix an exchange rate for up to two years in advance, with the option to draw on the funds at any time.

Limit Order

If you have time to wait for favourable market movements, you can place a Market Order. Nominate your target exchange rate and IFX will monitor market movements and execute the trade once your desired rate is reached.

Stop-Loss Order

A Stop Loss order can act as a safety net mechanism, allowing you to nominate a lower exchange rate that will minimise your losses in the event of a sudden fall in the market.

Not only does IFX offer more competitive rates - giving us more to invest, but they ensure that the payments arrive efficiently to our designated accounts, and if we have any queries, they respond almost instantaneously.

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Working with us

  1. Setup a trading account.
  2. Read our general trading terms and conditions
  3. Complete and submit the corporate application form.

You will receive a copy of your completed application form by email. Sign and return it to us, by scanning and emailing or fax. Our compliance team will then contact you for any supporting documentation required.

Once your account is active and IFX has taken your authority to purchase currency or your target exchange rate has been achieved, you will be issued with a contract note. This will detail the exchange price that has been agreed and the amount of currency purchased. It will include payment instructions for your onward transfer and instructions for settlement of your contract.

Money transfer example

You import wine to the UK from Bordeaux and pay your suppliers


per annum

With our wholesale exchange rate of

€1.26 to £1

compared to your bank's

€1.20 to £1

Means that the cost to you with IFX is


whereas your bank would charge


Using IFX for your international payments could save you
around £10,000 per month, an annual saving of