About IFX

IFX is one of the world's leading specialist foreign exchange consultancies. We are a dynamic business with a global reach, serving a growing spread of corporate and private clients throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

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We provide a premium service to all clients, corporate and private alike, offering market insights, world-class trading systems, and dedicated personal service. We maintain stringent standards of risk management, governance and regulatory compliance.

Personal service

Our clients are each allocated a dedicated expert consultant to deliver strategic, rather than speculative, currency exchange solutions, based on their specific needs and priorities; and to provide them with accurate, timely market information and analysis.


IFX conducts its business with the highest level of integrity, and is committed to supporting the worldwide anti-money laundering effort. We stringently observe the compliance and reporting regulations of every jurisdiction in which we are active.

  • The Team

    Nick Williams Nick Williams

    The Team

    Nicholas Williams - Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Nicholas Williams
    Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Nick has 14 years foreign currency consulting experience. With his co-founders, Nick has built IFX into a professional fast growing company, a leader in its sector. As CEO, Nick manages corporate governance and major external stakeholder relationships. He is responsible for all client management and compliance matters.

  • The Team

    Thomas Greenwood Thomas Greenwood

    The Team

    Thomas Greenwood - Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Thomas Greenwood
    Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Tom has 14 years finance industry experience and is a co-founder of the company. Tom manages strategic planning and associated development activity and provides operational leadership for IFX. This includes driving international expansion and oversight of the company's pervasive technology capability.

  • The Team

    Richard Nehme Richard Nehme

    The Team

    Richard Nehme - Dealing Director

    Richard Nehme
    Dealing Director

    Richard is responsible for all sales activity, global revenue targets, and the management of strategic client relationships. Richard is developing formal sales processes and sales training strategies as IFX develops the capabilities and skills of its front line staff.

Private Client

Private Clients

When private individuals buy and sell assets overseas, invest in international companies, or move to a new country, they are unavoidably exposed to foreign exchange markets and inherent currency risk.

This is particularly true for anyone buying a property overseas. Adverse currency movement between your date of purchase and date of completion can cost you money.

We will monitor markets on your behalf, offer expert guidance on the best strategies and timing for your transaction, and ensure you have all the information you need to stay in control. We will work with you to get the best rates, avoid unforeseen losses and reduce transaction costs. And whilst we are specialists in this area.

Partner Programme

IFX is one of the world's leading and fastest-growing specialist foreign exchange consultancies, with an average 40% year-on-year increase in turnover and an enviable reputation.

An association with IFX offers significant advantages to ambitious partner businesses and their customers. We can offer your clients a level of strategic support, personal service and cost saving that banks and other mainstream providers cannot match.

In any foreign exchange transaction, there is an unavoidable element of risk associated with exchange rate fluctuation. We help our clients anticipate and manage those risks, choose the most advantageous contracts.

Public Client

Corporate Clients

Managing currency exposures is a specialist discipline involving complex strategies, best conducted by professionals wholly engaged with volatile foreign exchange markets. For any organisation doing business abroad, currency fluctuations can have a significant impact on costs, and thus your bottom line. IFX are specialists who will take time to understand the specific requirements, concerns and priorities of your business.