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For anyone making or receiving large payments in another currency, the impact of currency fluctations can make a significant difference to the value of those transactions.

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In any foreign exchange transaction, there is an unavoidable risk associated with exchange rate volatility. Your dedicated IFX consultant will help your clients anticipate and manage those risks, employ the most appropriate strategies, and reduce total transaction costs.

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The IFX Partner Portal is designed to keep you in control of those customers you have referred to IFX. You can see your customers' details and track their activity. You can also access the portal to download marketing resources, view your payment history and read informative analytical reports.


The IFX Partner Portal will allow you to download banners, logos and interactive widgets, with which to integrate IFX material seamlessly into your website. These analytical tools will enable you to measure the number of responses, and assess the levels of interest on your website.

For your business

Dubai Partners

IFX will add value to your customers' transactions.

We are supportive partners, with a genuinely consultative approach. By taking time to understand your customers' needs and concerns, IFX can help you better interpret their activity, and understand their financial planning and investment strategies.

Your partnership with IFX will enhance the service levels you provide to your customers and help you resolve those last minute currency issues that can, if left unattended, jeopardise a settlement.

When we bought our home in France, IFX provided good advice, speedy service, and saved us several thousands of pounds. We continue to use them for our regular transfers.

Private Property Investor, Dorset

For your clients

IFX will provide your clients a level of strategic support, personal service and cost saving that banks and other mainstream providers cannot match. We will help them plan and execute transactions to their best advantage, and can offer strategies and trading options to reduce the risk, cost and stress of foreign exchange transactions.

Key benefits

  • Dedicated, personal service
  • Expert market information and insights
  • Tailored transactions to suit individual needs
  • Access to preferential wholesale exchange rates
  • Fast, secure transfers
  • Flexible settlement terms
  • Significant cost savings
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Real estate agent example

As a European real estate agent, a couple from the UK agree on a price of


to buy one of your properties

On agreeing the price, the exchange rate is

€1.20 to £1

and so they budget


But on completion the rate has dropped to

€1.13 to £1

so they now need to find


IFX can help your clients by 'locking' the rate you'd have saved at the time they agree to buy the property. So, whatever happens in the currency markets, there's no nasty surprise that could cause the sale to fall through. In this case, they saved